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Merry meet!

I am a beginner on the path of the Craft, going through theoretical staff. As a student at the University of Oregon, I am doing a small project on the personal and social appeal of the Craft and Neo-Pagan ideas. Please, be helpful and answer my questions (just put the # and the answer) ASAP! In fact, I'd be glad to get the responses within 1-2 weeks. For the sake of privacy the commentaries will be hidden. I promise to post the outcome of this survey!!

May the Goddess bless You.


1. Do you belong to any particular Religion? (Christian, Jewish, Wiccan, Pagan, Non-religious, etc.)

2. How did you join the Craft? (through interest in occultism, or mythology, or …; reading books; went to a festival; stumbled into a group; as a rejection of sth., etc.) Please, specify all possible ways and reasons. How long have you participated?

3. How do you call yourself (witch, wiccan, pagan, etc.) and for what reason?

4. What is your current profession/ occupation in the mundane world? Does it interfere with the practice?

5. What is your aim of practicing the Craft, what do you mean to achieve, bring or tell to the world?

6. In your opinion, what roles does the Craft perform in the society, what spheres does it influence (political, social, ecological, household) and in what way?

7. What does the Craft mean to you, give you personally?


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