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A good Sunday evening to all the community!
I was suddenly puzzled myself and decided to ask for your experience. There’s a developing science of Eniology in Europe dealing with the energy and information exchange and balance in the Universe. It seems to be mostly represented in Russia on the level of organized state research institutes. In the western world it is discussed, but its issues are mostly studied by parapsychology, bioenergetics and the likes which are narrower in subject matter. My witch-friends back in Ukraine used to talk respectfully of the science of Eniology in general and of the book published by Victor Rogozhkin ( ) in particular. The author gives a good perspective of the multi-layered structure and the laws of the Universe, he also discusses mistakes humankind made in its development, uncovers the wrong direction of the modern civilization and states possibilities of correction.
So, basically, I wanted your opinion about either, and how witches treat the unconventional sciences that deal with “supernatural”.

Many blessings.
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