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paganality's Journal

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There was a time when you were a child,
and you had walked into a new and wonderous place....
It looked like a hole-in-the-wall small store from the outside.
But once you entered through the doorway, you saw that
this place had much much more to offer, than you ever
dreamed of. There were so many different walls and shelves
full of books, research material, some old and others new.
Amazement swept across your face, as you realized that
not only were there books of knowledge here, but there
are also items of many shapes and sizes. Tools, bobbles,
aromas, trinkets, clothing, sparkles, and a warm sense of
comfort. As you approached the front counter, you see there
is a smiling person behind the desk. This woman or man,
this store keeper, is a very helpful individual. They are almost
like a familiar guide, or a fountain of knowledge all their own.
If you have a question, need directions, or are just plain curious,
they will be happy to find anything you need, by either from
their own experience, or from the tomb of information within their
reach. They are also a connection to other people who may have
what you are looking for. When you leave the shop it is not
a 'goodbye', it is a feeling of 'I am welcome, and I will come back again.'

This is the sense I get when I walk through the place of paganality. We all want a place to go to that has information aplenty, items we are looking for, friendly faces, and helpful hands. But, what I find most soothing, is that we can help each other. Let this community be a center point for people to meet, connect, share stories, information, and help one another get what they need.

Your moderators are Sylverstone or Chaneecat and we both bid you welcome.

We hope that you can enjoy this community as much as we will. Thank you.