ashesofeve (ashesofeve) wrote in paganality,

Ashes Of Eve - Pagan friendly music

Apologies for the cross posting and blatant rudeness barging in on your community. We're just trying to get our music out there to the people that we think might appreciate it. No disrespect intended.

Ashes of Eve are a new, dark pop/rock group with a splash of mysticism and a strong pagan/'kin flavour. We've just released our first single "When i'm Sleeping" which can be downloaded free from from the TripleJ Unearthed Website.

If you have the time and inclination, you can rate and review it here. This means a whole lot to us as it can help

us get the the chance for some mainstream radio airplay. We love making creative, likeminded livejournal/myspace friends and can be found

Here on Myspace and
Here on Livejournal

Let us know what you think.
Blessings In Light!

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